Project SEED

The Sigma Economic Empowerment Development Project (Project SEED) is a Bigger & Better Business program developed to focus on two important topics of interest: Financial Management and Home Ownership. This focus provides useful information in both areas and benefits Phi Beta Sigma members, families, and communities. Project SEED is designed to be implemented at all organizational levels, by alumni and collegiate chapters. Each of the program’s components are economically viable and relevant, current concerns of our membership.

For college students today, financial management is a vital and necessary skill to be mastered in the new millennium. With the rising cost in campus living, tuition charges, books, and transportation, coupled with the decreasing funding sources for scholarships, loans, and grants, financial management is no longer optional. It is required. Helping more low and moderate-income Americans become homeowners is a national priority. Phi Beta Sigma seeks to play a more important role in sharing positive information about the advantages of homeownership to our members.

Suggested Topics

  • 401(k) plans and other tax differed plans
  • Budgeting your work, working your budget
  • Building your child’s education fund
  • Building your financial portfolio on $25 a month
  • Choosing the components of your financial portfolio
  • Making the most of your retirement
  • Successful money management
  • Tax return preparation
  • Affordable housing design
  • Assistance with bad credit ratings
  • Enhancing your housing strategies
  • First-time homebuyers seminar
  • HUD auctions
  • Home ownership financing sources
  • Refinancing advice
  • Understanding the income qualification process

Suggested Speakers

  • College professors with experience in financial management
  • Consumer credit counselor
  • Financial planner
  • IRS representative or agent
  • Loan officer
  • Human resources specialist or generalist
  • Affordable housing advocates
  • Mortgage lenders
  • HUD representatives
  • Realtors and brokers
  • Fair housing organizations
  • Residential home builders
  • Public housing authorities
  • Banking and finance professionals